This story begins with a child who had a healthy infatuation with stationery.  She loved journals.  She loved drawing.  She loved boxes for which she hadn't the faintest idea what to put inside them.

With a background as an architectural designer, I am that special kind of breed of perfectionist where no detail goes amiss.  Due to the arrival of my son late 2015, I took the opportunity to take a break from the construction world to become a full time mother.  Although through a course of events - which involved me drooling over a friend's duplex foil stamped business card - I was led to the wonderful world of letterpress.   It channeled me straight back to when I was a child and I would love the smell of my father's workshop machinery.  Oil and steel I guess.  It reminded me of the satisfaction which came from creating something with my own hands.

So here I am.  Hello, ciao!  I am Tracey the entrepreneur of Alba Artisan Boutique Press - or "mumpreneur" as they like to call us these days.  When my mum hat is off and Alba hat is on, I sketch, design, occasionally draft and of course print in my home based studio.  I am still loving journals.  I am still loving drawing.  Although now I have unlimited boxes for which I'd like to fill with letterpress creations.




Alba Artisan Boutique Press is where the craft of vintage letterpress printing is reborn.  As a part of our bespoke service, we assist to deliver whimsical wedding and engagement stationery, unique business cards, menu cards, celebratory birthday and baby announcements.  Available in our online store, we also have a small collection of greeting cards and artworks made with love.  The charm of letterpress is captured in the method, where each card is printed individually and therefore uniquely.  No two cards will ever be the same.  We are all about sustainable and ethical design; we recycle, re-purpose, choose natural and recycled materials where we can.  We work passionately, stay true to ourselves and our pieces are perfectly imperfect.


alba | italy


The quaint town of Alba is an oasis of candy coloured plastered buildings where locals peer onto the cobblestone streets below and fragrant tartufo lingers in the summer air.  The four evangelists stand like guards against the dusky façade of Cattedrale di San Lorenzo.  Their respective symbols are hand-carved into the stone revealing Matthew as Angelo (angel) the winged man; Mark as Leone (lion) the figure of courage; Luke as Bue (ox) the figure of sacrifice; and John as Aquila (eagle) the figure of the sky.