Our press


Introducing Sadie.  Our Original Heidelberg T 10" x 15" 'windmill' platen press made her debut in the early 1900's, England.  So she's an old girl.  In her former life she swiftly worked as a commercial printer producing up to 5500 impressions per hour but today her target audience is that of the niche boutique market.

Our Heidelberg platen press is, in a nutshell, a one-operation press.  The press can run a single ink colour through the press at one time.  This principal is the same for when a single embossing, a single die-cut or a blind print is run through the press.  For each run, an individual photopolymer plate is created.  So for example, a single invitation which involves two colours of text in addition to a blind printed pattern, will require three separate press runs using three different plates.  A bespoke design is truly custom in its origination.  This is why letterpress is regarded as a craftsmanship; a labour of love.





Introducing our wee table top press, Tallulah.  She can hot foil stamp business cards, small cards and invitations.  For hot foil stamping, metal blocks are made which are then mounted into the chase and heated to a temperature in range of 100-170 degrees Celsius.  This heat allows the foil to easily transition from the ribbon onto the stock.  She is manually hand fed, which means each card is individually stamped with care and uniqueness.  Our foil colour range is somewhat substantial, so please feel free to contact us for samples.


OUR bespoke sERVICE


Rest assured we dedicate our utmost attention and energy into printing something special - something extraordinary.  Every detail, any request, we will listen and endeavor to capture and create the vision. We offer the service of either designing bespoke stationery for you, or printing a design you already have.  If design is what you seek, feel free to gather images you have seen which capture your style, or just material that you are simply inspired by.  We can then translate this into something which speaks volumes about you or your business.  Please click here to get your clogs shifting in the letterpress way of thinking.

Alternatively if you are an illustrator or artist looking for a new medium, please feel free to say hi.  We would love to consider collaborating with you!

We kindly ask for no less than 8 weeks notice for a bespoke design delivery and no less than 2 weeks for a print only order.

We require a minimum order of 60 impressions.




We are a green and loving studio.  We believe in humble beginnings; from the solvent we clean with to the packaging materials we send your stationery in.  We do everything possible to 'create considerately' without compromising quality or beauty.  We think this is what delivers a truly feel-good product and we understand our clients like to be a part of the green movement too.

  • We use low-VOC vegetable based inks which are environmentally friendly and consciously made in the USA, formulated with a special blend of vegetable oils and contain less than 3% petroleum distillates, drastically minimising volatile organic compounds. These have earned the certified EcoSmart Green Inks seal of approval.

  • We use tree-free papers. Our stock collection includes a number of fine European papers made from 100% cotton and handmade papers from recycled materials and natural botanicals.

  • We use premium eco clear pocket bags for our own stationery collections. These eco-friendly clear pockets are made with polylactide acid which is created from the lactic acid in plants and are completely sustainable and certified compostable.

  • We use eco-friendly, cruelty-free, fair-trade citrus based solvents to clean the press and polymer plates.

  • We recycle and repurpose our paper scraps and packaging.

  • We clean and re-use our cloth rags wherever we can.

  • The majority of our studio is made up of second hand furniture sourced from other small businesses like us.